Wednesday Student Schedule

September 14th, 2020

Please see the attached chart for the schedule for our virtual Wednesdays.

7th/8th Schedule6th grade- 3 teacher teams5th grade- 2 teacher teams5th grade- 3 teacher teams
9:00-9:35period 1specialsblock 1block 1
9:40-10:15period 2block 1specialsspecials
10:20-10:55period 3block 1block 1block 1
11:00-11:35period 4block 2block 1block 2
11:40-12:15period 5block 2block 2block 2
12:20-12:55period 6block 3block 2block 3
1:00-1:35period 7block 3block 2block 3
2:05-3:45Independent work timeIndependent work timeIndependent work timeIndependent work time