Visual Arts

Ms. Emerson               Ms. Hunt
Room C140                  Room C142
ext. 3169                       ext. 3158
Room C141
ext. 3170
                                                               Art Room Donation list

*Kleenex or box
of tissues
*Antibacterial wipes
*Hand sanitize
*Old muffin tins
*Wooden/ Metal hangers
Plain Mugs
Wax Paper
Plastic Wrap
Aluminum Foil
Baking Soda
Ziplock baggies

Things you throw away
or recycle

*Spray Bottles
*Containers (Glass/
plastic with lids)
*Baby food jars
House paint
(latex any color)
*Old Calendars
*Pringles cans
*Toaster oven

Random Things

*Wine bottles
*Creek Rock
*Polished Glass rocks
*Yarn String
*Wallpaper books

                               Items you may yard sale

*Winter gloves
*Old salt and
pepper shakers
*Christmas ornaments
and lights
*Old tools
(Anything would be helpful, hammer,
pliers, screwdriver etc.)
*Old picture frames
*Wooden furniture
*Metal Furniture
*Old silverware
* Old or broken
Costume jewelry

Please note none of the items are required, but if you would like to donate them the HHMS art department would sincerely appreciate your generosity. 🙂 Please have your child bring them to their art teacher or front office. Thank you.
~Mrs. Emerson, Mrs. Hunt, Ms. Mullins

Other Information
The Art Department is always in need of any art supplies such as…. yarn, beads, buttons, etc. Donations are highly appreciated.