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Fidget Spinners at HHMS

May 19th, 2017

The latest fad – “Fidget Spinners” have made their way to HHMS.  At first students brought them and didn’t create many problems.  Recently students have started bringing multiple spinners, spinners with lights, sound, detachable parts and other options.  Some students have lost their spinners, some have disappeared and we have even found some students selling them to others.  Our teachers have been instructed to treat these items just like anything else in their classrooms, if they create classroom management issues then they will be confiscated and students can pick them up from the office.  We do realize that some students may use fidget spinners as an educational tool, and understand totally, we need to create the proper paper work with your child’s Teacher of Record.  Parents please speak with your students and ask that they use good judgement when bringing and utilizing these and other items to school.