Visual Arts

Ms. Emerson
Room C140
ext. 3169
Ms. Reidinger

Room C142
ext. 3158
Ms. Shell
Room C141
ext. 3170

Art Room Donation list

Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Shell and Ms. Emerson

House Hold Items
*Kleenex or box
of tissues
*Antibacterial wipes
*Hand sanitize
*Old muffin tins
*Wooden/ Metal hangers
Plain Mugs
Wax Paper
Plastic Wrap
Aluminum Foil
Baking Soda
Ziplock baggies
Things you throw away
or recycle

*Spray Bottles
*Containers (Glass/
plastic with lids)
*Baby food jars
House paint
(latex any color)
*Old Calendars
*Pringles cans
*Toaster oven
Random Things
*Wine bottles
*Creek Rock
*Polished Glass rocks
*Yarn String
*Wallpaper books
Items you may
yard sale

*Winter gloves
*Old salt and
pepper shakers
*Christmas ornaments
and lights
*Old tools
(Anything would be helpful, hammer,
pliers, screwdriver etc.)
*Old picture frames
*Wooden furniture
*Metal Furniture
*Old silverware
* Old or broken
Costume jewelry

Please note none of the items are required, but if you would like to donate them the HHMS art department would sincerely appreciate your generosity. 🙂 Please have your child bring them to their art teacher or front office. Thank you.
~Mrs. Emerson, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Shell

Other Information
The Art Department is always in need of any art supplies such as…. yarn, beads, buttons, etc. Donations are highly appreciated.